eGovernment starts with Payplaza’s Payment Hub.

A centralized, true omni-channel, cash register and administration system for all consular products and services.

Digital serving of applicants

Realtime insights in global cashflows

Lowered administrative handling

The path towards increased accessibility

Customer* makes appointment with local embassy by phone.

*Citizen, business or government


Customer applies for consular product or service at local embassy and receives order reference.


Customer pays in own currency* for application.

*Cash or cashless


Customer receives track & trace code via sms.


Full control of all consular activities

Fully equipped web-based cash register

Local front-desk actions are immediately updated in central administration system.

Updates are pushed immediately, so no downtime of payment system.

Web-based Central Administration System

Central management of all products and services sold at local embassies.

Configurable prices & spot rates, locations and user access.

Full control over internal + external domains and third party service providers.

Real time insight into financial situation of global consular activities

Dashboard for real-time overview of all global provided services.

Easy and direct analysis capabilities for improving services towards citizens and companies.

One easy to use system

Multi purpose. Multi-level.

The system is easily implemented and configurable within different administration domains. From counter employee to central administration. The system is able to run multiple types of administrations at the same time, whereby the domains are strictly separated.

Easy integration. Easy to use.

Payplaza’s Payment Hub is a ‘Platform as a Service’ (PaaS). The platform is easily integrated in existing workflow management systems and case files. The system is fully API based, making it customizable for your governments specific situation and needs. Easy to use for all levels of employees.

Improved uptime

The payment desk is your point of interaction with citizens. Therefore, it is important that this location is always online. The Payplaza solution not only secures all traffic to- and from this location, it’s also possible to create backups with 4G or multiple ISP’s for example. In case of issues, the solution automatically switches to an available route.

PCI compliant

Payplaza’s Payment Hub is fully PCI compliant. All critical parts of your entire payment landscape are monitored and ensured to be fully compliant to the latest PCI DSS rules. Including the firewall, monitoring and secure data lines for the complete setup.

Remote monitoring

Why only respond to issues when they are reported? With the Payplaza solution, you can monitor the solution in all locations and take action as soon as an issue occurs. This ensures that your government can always provide the needed services to its citizens.

Developed by a leading global payment company

Payplaza is a leading global payment software company managed and driven by professionals each having over 20 years experience in the financial and payment industry. Since 2010 Payplaza has developed a revolutionary payment platform encompassing unique solutions for Point-of-Sale card acceptance. From 2012 Payplaza Solutions have been rolled out across Europe offering powerful advantages for our partners and clients.

Payplaza’s is based in Amsterdam with additional offices located in Eindhoven and Madrid.